Pre-Boarding Questions

Pedalea Tours Bike is a pedal powered, 15 passengers cycle that tours Barrio Escalante, Jacob, Playas del Coco and Tamarindo. Partnering with some of best local tasting establishments.

Alcoholic drinks are not allowed aboard the Pedalea Tours Bike.

You must be at least 18 years old if you plan to ride on a brewpub tour. However, private tours may be booked on which the age requirement is 13 years or older if the bike is used for city (non-brewery related) tours. Please call if you have further questions.


Click the “Book Now” tab to make a reservation for you tour. (agregar todas las opciones de tour?)

There are 12 bicycle seats with backs, but only 10 of these have pedal cranks. 2 of the seats are above the wheels and are not equipped with pedals. There is also a 3-seat back bench, which is designed for those riders who want to relax or who are physically incapable of the rigors of pedaling.

Yes, each seat can support a maximum weight of 285 pounds.

Yes, bring the tunes, and we’ll provide the speakers to play the hits.

Our policy is that we roll rain or shine. We have a canopy over the top of the bike, which will help prevent getting soaked, but even with the canopy you will probably get a few sprinkles on you.

Helmets are required, we will provide one before the ride starts.